The Technology Strategy Board covers the whole of the UK, so we work closely with the Governments of, and partners in, the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The Scottish Government

The Scottish Government is responsible for business growth and innovation policy in Scotland. Its economic strategy highlights the important role of science, technology and innovation in increasing competitiveness and improving Scotland's economic performance.
The strategy identified six key sectors that the Scottish Government would especially focus on and support:
  • Creative Industries (including digital content and technologies) 
  • Energy (with a particular focus on renewables) 
  • Financial and Business Services 
  • Food and Drink (including agriculture and fisheries) 
  • Life Sciences (including biotechnology and translational medicine) 
  • Tourism. 
There is a close alignment between most of these sectors and our own sector and technology priorities, and we work with the Scottish Government and other partners in Scotland to support innovation in these areas. 
The Scottish Government sets out the broad economic and innovation policy framework and direction for Scotland, and the two organisations with primary responsibility for delivering this are Scotland's two development agencies: Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise.
For further information see the Scottish Government website.

Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise is the enterprise, innovation and investment agency for southern Scotland and the central belt. In partnership with industry, academia and the public sector, Scottish Enterprise aims to increase productivity in Scotland by helping businesses to start and grow, encouraging innovation and creating the right conditions for companies to access property, markets and finance.
Scottish Enterprise works with the Technology Strategy Board and has co-developed and co-funded joint projects in areas including health and life sciences, energy, Digital and creative industries and enabling technologies
Scottish Enterprise offers a wide range of advice and support for businesses including:
  • Securing funding and grants to develop new business ideas and products. 
  • Finding investors, business partners and collaborators 
  • Getting advice from business professionals on how to achieve business growth 
  • Refining existing products and services to make them more efficient and cost-effective. 
  • Information and advice on new working methods or production techniques. 
  • Support to enable and equip businesses to break into new markets. 

Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) is the economic and community development agency for a diverse region which covers a territory of over 1500 square miles - containing some 443,000 people and over 21,000 businesses.
To improve the region's performance and its contribution to the economic growth of Scotland, HIE delivers an integrated strategic approach to development, under three headings:
  • Supporting high growth businesses and sectors, so raising growth rates across the area; 
  • Creating the infrastructure and conditions to improve regional competitiveness and 
  • Strengthening communities, especially in the economically fragile parts of the area. 
Highlands and Islands Enterprise works with the Technology Strategy Board in important areas including:

European Marine Energy Centre: a world-class marine energy research facility, supporting the marine renewable sector and generating significant economic benefits for Scotland.

Centre for Health Science: a facility designed to create a centre of excellence and encourage collaboration in education, training, research, business incubation and commercialisation in the healthcare sector.

Digital Economy, ICT and Rural Broadband: ensuring the Highlands and Islands have appropriate connectivity for now and the future and the capacity to adopt new and emerging technologies to boost economic growth and positively impact on remote and rural society.

Life Sciences: supporting opportunities in remote and rural healthcare and wellbeing, natural products and bioinformatics, including active participation in the Assisted Living Innovation Platform.

KTN and KTP activity: establishing better mechanisms to reach and engage, regional businesses with funding, knowledge, graduate recruitment and other opportunities.

SBRI: promoting SBRI opportunities to businesses across the region.

HIE also offers a wide range of services and programmes to businesses to support knowledge transfer, technology and research and development. These include:

  • Business and innovation information and advice 
  • Funding options and opportunities 
  • Interface – linking businesses with academic research 
  • Research and Development funding scheme 
  • Business Innovation Grants – supporting links between businesses and academic institutions 
  • Framework Programme (FP7) – grants to encourage and support pan-Europe business collaborations 
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