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How we help

We're the UK's innovation agency.

We offer support and funding to help business develop new products and services - and bring them closer to market.

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Who we help

We work with business, research and policymakers.

We bring people together to share ideas, tackle challenges and make new technological advances.

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Where we invest

We invest in commercialising new ideas with business.

We target technologies and areas with the greatest scope to improve business, the economy and society.

Where do we prioritise?

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Our goal

To accelerate economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation.

Our vision

For the UK to be a global leader in innovation and a magnet for innovative businesses which can apply technology rapidly, effectively and sustainably to create wealth and enhance quality of life.

Our focus

With everything we do, we ask ourselves one question – will it help UK business bring new ideas and technologies more quickly to market?

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Our priority areas

We have identified key priority areas that have the greatest scope for boosting growth in the United Kingdom through innovation. 

Figures show anticipated core spend in 2014/15.